Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Super-Heroes, Kids Who Drink Your Coffee, and Summer Memories

It's time for summer and the kids are out of school, you're a dad at home and what are you going to do this season that is exciting for kids? How about a super-hero day at the park? My kids and I went to the park today and they seemed a bit different from their normal appearance. I brought Bat Girl, fully adorned in a pink jump suit, a member from The Fantastic 4, and a ninja -- I think my Starbucks iced-coffee is safe from that curious little 4 year old, who you always see taking sips out of drinks she finds lying around when you are not looking. If you haven't ran into this kid at your summer outings at the park yet, keep your eyes peeled -- they are everywhere, and they are even sometimes right under your nose.

What could be better than having your iced-coffee protected by three fantastic super-heores? The kids are having fun, and you know all the mom's are jealous that a dad came up with such a great idea! We all have those "remember when" moments of playing dress-up ourselves when we were children, I remember playing G.I. Joe in my army uniform, or being a ninja myself, of course, I was a ninja master with all of my jumping and rolling, and climbing. Being a kid is just too much fun.

One trip to the park can easily become a super-hero adventure that sparks the imagination of both young and old alike.

Summer time always give a dad at home the opportunity to do something out of the ordinary with parenting, to be creative, and do something. . . unexpected.

One fun-filled summer day down, many many more to come.

You have a whole summer to plan for, what's on your plate this time around?